Myanmar No. 1

Japanese Language, IT and Business Service Provider in Myanmar


We Teach

Our N1 and N2 level expert teachers will guide you to fluency in Japanese.

We train

We provide instruction on Japanese cultural norms, rules, traditions, and offer various skill classes.

We offers

In collaboration with our trusted partner, M Plus Myanmar Co., Ltd, we offer Japanese job opportunities to our students.


(All your Japanese dreams in a single destination)

Language Teaching

We provide Japanese language courses from N5 to N1 levels, with classes held five days a week from Monday to Saturday. Our experienced team of 20 teachers ensures high-quality education.

NHM IT & Business College

NHM IT & Business College, which will teach Japanese certified IT technology courses collaboration with Morioka IT, Business and Design College from Japan.


Since 2009, we have offered a Nat Test exam center for Japanese learners to assess their proficiency. Exams available six times a year with easy result access.

Jobs Opportunities & scholarships

We provide our students with the most recent Japanese career prospects in partnership with M Plus Myanmar Co., Ltd. Furthermore, we collaborate with over 40 Japanese colleges, offering scholarships four times a year.

Job Training Class

We provide caregiving (KAIGO), Gaishoku, and other skilled classes specifically designed for Japanese workplaces.

What our students say?